About me

Yvetti van den Berg


My name is Yvetti van den Berg, I am originally from Venezuela. After a lot of studies in my country such as teacher, theatre and various courses of folk cultures (ceramics, masks, puppet show, etc.), I found the ceramics here again in the Netherlands. But now with a serious intent, a lifestyle, a passion.

I started in 2012 with ceramics in the Netherlands, with various courses (hand shapes, throwing, modelling, glazing, etc.).

In 2014 I followed the three-year ceramics education of SBB Gouda (now called “Nederlandse Keramiekopleiding”). After successfully completing this education in 2017, I continued with a specialization in glazing in 2017 and in 2018 a specialization in throwing large pots.

After years of experience with ceramics, I am still like on the first day of my contact with clay: “curious”. Now I can say that I have found my path in the Netherlands: a beautiful direction as a ceramist.

Every day I discover something new and learn something new. A great motivation is my own culture and my own identity within another culture with its many differences. But also the people who are in my circle, my friends and of course my fellow ceramists. I would like to show my vision of the world in ceramics. I want to share this with as many people as possible.

I look for my best challenge every day. It is a competition against myself.

Within my diversity I seek to connect with my own culture and identity to shape my work. A nice way to develop my creativity.

I have become more enamoured of ceramics. I can not say anything else.

Yvetti van den Berg